Trendsetting Wedding Entertainment...With Style, Energy and Personality
Weddingsetgo DJ's NJ's Trendsetting Wedding Entertainment Company. The wedding business is built on following the trends, but why not start a trend with your entertainment? WSG DJ's philosophy is built upon three very important principles:
Very simply put, our style is based upon your needs. Long gone are the days of cookie cutter wedding entertainment. We understand that each couple we have the privilege of working with has a different vision of what their wedding will be. Our job is to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that we help deliver exactly what you have envisioned.
Let's face it, whether you want your wedding reception to be like the hottest new club or the most elegant event your guests have ever attended, your expectations will fall short if the proper energy and "vibe" are not set by your entertainment. Our MC's, each with over 10 years of WEDDING SPECIFIC experience, have the knowledge and passion to help you plan and execute the wedding of your dreams.
Hey we're DJ's, of course music is important, but sometimes the personality of the person working for you is even more important. You will have ample opportunity to meet with your MC prior to your wedding and have as much contact with them as possible to ensure that they are a personality match for you and your guests.